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Welcome to Locke’s Personal Fitness!

The personal trainers at Locke’s Personal Fitness are experienced experts at getting people in shape through exercise and nutrition.  If you know you need help, and you know you won’t do it on your own, you need us!

Bethel Park Personal Trainers

Our clean, friendly and fully-equipped personal training studio is located in Bethel Park near South Hills Village.  Our Bethel Park Personal Trainers are certified, insured, friendly and personable.  We all have our favorite activities and specialties and we’ll match you up with the perfect trainer for your specific goals, activities or sport.  We’ve been in business at this location since 2006,  and because of our success and outstanding reputation, our clientele, keeps growing and so does our staff!  We’ve helped young athletes, adult athletes and retired athletes reach or exceed their goals with safe, professional instruction  We’ve helped hundreds, quite possibly more, men and women achieve strength and health through diet and exercise that they knew they couldn’t achieve on their own.  Some of our Bethel Park personal trainers are exclusive to Locke’s Personal Fitness and some have come from local gyms that closed their doors and needed a place to continue their careers.  If you and your trainer have become displaced by one of these gyms, call us to discuss training at Locke’s Personal Fitness with YOUR OWN trainer with whom you already have a relationship and trust.  We get it!  You bond with your trainer! So whether you are a newcomer to personal training or already have a trainer and need a new place to workout, Locke’s Personal Fitness is the place for you!

Call us today to schedule a visit (412) 835-5411 and ask for Sherry Locke.  There is never any pressure to sign up with us.  You won’t need pressured.  You’ll love it here!

You’re only one workout away from being in a great mood at Locke’s Personal Fitness!


Your personal trainer will be there for you during your entire workout. You will not be left alone to complete sets. Your trainer is there to demonstrate the exercise, explain what the exercise will accomplish, to correct your form and spot when necessary.


Meet our incredible training staff. We have over 50 years of combined experience. We’ll give you a great workout designed to meet your fitness needs, and we’ll make you accountable for your eating habits.

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What can a TPI golf fitness professional do for you?

Sherry Locke conducts a TPI golf screen for golfers of all ages and skill levels then designs a golf-specific fitness program to address weaknesses and improve overall strength and flexibility as it pertains to an effective golf swing as well as provide insight as to golf characteristics that could be causing or will eventually cause injury.

Our facility is clean and fully equipped:


Strength Machines

Cardio Equipment

Free Weights

Stability Balls

Medicine Balls


Resistance Bands & Tubes


Agility Equipment & More!


I had exercised all my life but when recovering from an illness fell into bad habits.  I woke up one morning and could not sit straight up in bed at the age of 45. Yikes. So I walked into Locke's Personal Fitness feeling a little intimidated about what training would be like.  Would I be able to do it? Would my trainer push me too hard?

What I found was a supportive trainer and great equipment.  Yes, he pushed but I also pushed myself. And, yes, I was able to do it.  That was many years ago. Today, my training sessions are my #1 priority every week and I feel great.  I can do a heck of a lot more than sit straight up in bed.

  • Nancy F. (Mt. Lebanon)

I had been working out with various trainers as well as on my own for several years with mixed results. Self motivation has always been difficult. Three years ago I moved to Pittsburgh and started working out with Sherry at Locke's Fitness and I have rarely missed a session.

The workouts are tailored to my needs and Sherry knows how to keep it interesting. She changes the routines regularly so I never get bored and she pushes when I need to be pushed.

Over the past 3 years I have had to change my fitness goals several times and Sherry has always been able to quickly adjust to meet my needs. Her expertise is extensive and unmatched in my experience.

Thanks to Sherry and everyone at Locke's Personal Fitness!

  • Thomas M. (Oakdale)

Locke's Personal Fitness, with its staff of highly qualified trainers, has served my family's diverse fitness needs for eight years - personal training for a 40+ woman who hadn't exercised in 15 years, sport specific training for a teenager trying to make a team, rehabilitation exercises for a son suffering from spondylolisthesis, general exercise for a preteen fighting weight issues.  

Sherry Locke attentively listens to all your fitness needs and then offers a solution.  She is also honest enough to admit if your needs might be better met somewhere other than her studio.  There is never a high pressure sales pitch. To top it all off, Sherry is compassionate toward her customers, staff and community.  

My family looks nowhere else for its fitness needs.

  • Liz E. (Upper St. Clair)


Bethel Park Personal Trainers
Post Run Stretches
Bethel Park Personal Trainers

“Training gives us an outlet for suppressed energies created by stress and thus tones the spirit just as exercise conditions the body.” – Arnold Schwarzenegger