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Personal Training

Personal Training PAPersonal Training for:

  • Weight Loss
  • Strength Training
  • Sport-Specific Performance Enhancement

Once we gather a brief health history and identify your goals, we can get started on your program design. Some folks do best working on the same exercises for several weeks and others prefer that we mix things up each workout. Even when we shake things up by changing the routine, we are still working towards your desired goals with safe and effective exercises.

Your personal trainer will be there for you during your entire workout. You will not be left alone to complete sets. Your trainer is there to demonstrate the exercise, explain what the exercise will accomplish, to correct your form and spot when necessary.

All of our personal trainers are certified by one of the following:

  • • American College of Sports Medicine (
  • • American Council on Exercise (
  • • National Strength and Conditioning Association (

For more information on our trainers, please see trainer bios.


Personal Training Rates:

Fitness Trainers PA1-Hour Workout/Individual Rates: Studio Training:

  • • 3x per week $35 per hour
  • • 2x per week $40 per hour
  • • 1x per week or less $45 per hour

30-Minute Workout/Individual Rates: Available at Studio only

  • • 3x per week $18 per ½ hour
  • • 2x per week $23 per ½ hour
  • • 1x per week $28 per ½ hour

In-home training:

  • • 3x per week $45 per hour
  • • 2x per week $50 per hour
  • • 1x per week or less $55 per hour
  • (If travel time exceeds 20 minutes, additional fees apply)

Double Rates:
Add $15 to hourly rates above and divide by two for individual rate

6-Week Program/18 Sessions:
50% due first workout - Balance due three weeks from start date

8-Week Program/16 Sessions:
50% due first workout – Balance due four weeks from start date

Session by Session:
Purchase one or several sessions at a time and use as desired



I had been working out with various trainers as well as on my own for several years with mixed results. Self motivation has always been difficult. Three years ago I moved to Pittsburgh and started working out with Sherry at Locke's Fitness and I have rarely missed a session.

The workouts are tailored to my needs and Sherry knows how to keep it interesting. She changes the routines regularly so I never get bored and she pushes when I need to be pushed.

Over the past 3 years I have had to change my fitness goals several times and Sherry has always been able to quickly adjust to meet my needs. Her expertise is extensive and unmatched in my experience.

Thanks to Sherry and everyone at Locke's Personal Fitness!

Thomas M.

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