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Sherry LockeSherry Locke
ACSM Certified Personal Trainer
CPR/First Aid Certified

Specialties: Program Design for General Conditioning & Weight Loss, Pre & Post-Natal Fitness and Nutritional Guidance.

Experience: My fitness career transitioned from dance instructor to aerobics instructor to personal trainer.   I’ve trained children, adults, seniors and even a few people with disabilities (with the understanding that their exercise session was just that and not intended to be rehabilitation or therapy of any kind).  I also spent a few years doing strength and conditioning for a competitive gymnastic team.  During my years as an aerobics instructor, I specialized in pregnancy fitness classes.  These were regular exercise classes with all of the ACOG modifications for expectant mothers.  The majority of people I work with, now, come to me looking for weight loss or general conditioning.
I was originally certified by ACE (American Council on Exercise) in 1994, and then obtained my ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine) Personal Trainer Certification in 2008.  I’ve learned most of what I know by studying for exams, attending seminars and workshops, consulting with physicians, physical therapists, chiropractors, pharmacists and dietitians and researching client limitations or specific training techniques.  Learning from a book is one thing, but knowing how to apply it is another.  It takes years of practice.  I’ve learned so much over the years, but I continue to learn from my clients, peers and my circle of health professionals. 

Doug MorrisseyDoug Morrissey
ACE Certified Advanced Health & Fitness Specialist
CPR certified

Experience: I am a former chain-smoking, binge-drinking, impulse-eater.  I know how tough it is to break bad habits, but I did it with a renewed love for life and exercise.  Life is short, and you should be willing and able to enjoy it every chance you get. I discovered being in good shape gave me the energy and confidence to do many other things like learn kick boxing and judo.

Jason MetzJason Metz, Ph.D
NSCA – Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Tactical Strength and Conditioning Facilitator
ACSM – Registered Clinical Exercise Physiologist, Exercise Is Medicine Professional
American Heart Association – CPR/AED, First Aid

Specialties: Sports conditioning, injury prevention, rehabilitation, chronic disease training

Experience: I have worked in the fitness industry for over 13 years, and I am currently an Adjunct Professor at Waynesburg University.  In those 13 years, I have worked with Division 1 athletics, professional and Olympic athletes as well as clinical populations that include cancer, cardiac, COPD, stroke, diabetes, paralysis and Parkinson’s disease just to name a few.  I am projected to finish my  Ph.D in Exercise Physiology in 2015.  I’m a published author through the NSCA and also serve on several special-interest group panels through the NSCA and ACSM.  Also, through the NSCA, I serve as a registered mentor

Daniel KnorrDaniel P. Knorr, MS
NSCA Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist
CPR/First Aid/AED Certified

Experience: I’ve been a personal trainer since 2013 where I’ve created and implemented individualized workouts for a variety of clients with ages ranging from 13-72 with the purpose of losing weight,  gaining strength, increasing mobility and/or concentrating on any other goals the client may have.   I also design and implement weight lifting and jump training programs for many high school athletes.  The majority of these athletes are volleyball players, but I also work with lacrosse, softball, soccer, tennis, basketball, football and track athletes.  I have also worked as an Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach at Appalachian State University where I designed weight lifting, conditioning and agility sessions for varsity athletes.  I assisted the strength coaches in implementation of volleyball and all other athletes’ workouts as well as taught correct form on all lifts including all Olympic lifts

Anthony Pietropaolo, MS
NASM Certified Personal Trainer                                                                   
CPR/First Aid/AED Certified 

Specialties: National Association of Speed and Explosion - Certified Speed Specialist (NASE - CSS)

Experience: I'm a life-long athlete and outdoor enthusiast that became an unhealthy, overweight office worker after college.  I decided to change my diet and lifestyle and lost 30 pounds.  Now I help others do the same.  I love helping people transform their lives and accomplish things they didn't think they could do.
Motivated, enthusiastic, attentive and empathetic, I have worked with clients with general weight-loss and fitness goals, specific medical conditions, and athletes with specific performance goals.  Whatever your goals, we can achieve them together!

Jill DodinJill Dodin
ACE certified Personal Trainer
AFAA certified Group Exercise Instructor
CPR/AED certified

Specialties:  Individual Programs for General Conditioning and Weight Loss, Senior Fitness, Boot Camp, Bosu and Balance Ball workouts

Experience: Being an avid "gym rat" for many years, I decided to become an aerobics instructor in 1998.  I worked at Bally's for about 10 years.  I became certified in Personal Training in 2001, and began training clients at Jon Vecchio's Studio in Mount Lebanon.  After Vecchio's closed, I was very lucky to find Sherry, and came to Locke's Personal Fitness in 2007, where I (happily!) now am.  I train for Sherry, as well as having my own training business, with some in-home clients, and I have also run a chair exercise class at Sunrise Assisted Living.

Don DeMasters
Shodan Black Belt Jiu-Jitsu
Pilates Mat Certified
USMC Combat Hand-to-Hand (Now USMC Martial Arts)
CPR Certified

Experience: I started Judo at the age of eight, and I have studied multiple styles over the years.  I specialize in Martial Arts for conditioning as well as Martial Arts for self-defense.  I teach classes for women and youth and anybody who wants to learn.


Kathy Pattak
BS in Physical Education
MS in Elementary counseling
Have all state clearances

Experience: Taught Health and Physical Education for almost 38 years in the Mt Lebanon School District.
Taught at Foster Elementary my entire career. Also taught at Lincoln, Washington, Howe, Jefferson and Markham during my career.
Ran extra curricular activities for many sports, Created a Jump rope club at Foster elementary and directed student performances, choreographed for many student plays.
Substitutes at the JCC South Hills
Trains individual students to increase coordination, physical skills, gross motor skills, etc.

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