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Sport-Specific Training for Young Athletes:


30 or 60-Minute workouts for young athletes ages 5-17

Sport-Specific programs designed for young athletes looking for increased strength, speed, power, balance and agility.   Age-appropriate programs designed for off-season, pre-season and peak-season training in all major sports.  This is the best way to get an edge over the competition or just increase your child’s performance in their favorite sport.  We use a wide variety of exercises for strength and power and various drills for speed, agility, balance and reaction.

Injury Prevention:  Learn proper lifting techniques, appropriate resistance and repetitions to avoid possible growth plate injuries and common injuries associated with self-training.

General Conditioning:  Increase muscular strength and muscular endurance as well as cardiovascular endurance.

Personal Training for Overall Fitness:

30-Minute or 60-Minute workouts for kids ages 5-17

General conditioning/fitness programs designed for children based on goals, limitations, strengths and weaknesses.  We use body weight for resistance, resistance bands, appropriate weights, stability balls, medicine balls, slide board, rebounder, cones, mini-hurdles, agility rings, agility ladder, agility domes, balance discs, BOSU, foam roller etc. - whatever it takes to keep your child moving and having fun!  Parents are welcome to stay and observe sessions.

Locke's Personal Fitness, with its staff of highly qualified trainers, has served my family's diverse fitness needs for eight years - personal training for a 40+ woman who hadn't exercised in 15 years, sport specific training for a teenager trying to make a team, rehabilitation exercises for a son suffering from spondylolisthesis, general exercise for a preteen fighting weight issues. 

Sherry Locke attentively listens to all your fitness needs and then offers a solution.  She is also honest enough to admit if your needs might be better met somewhere other than her studio.  There is never a high pressure sales pitch.  To top it all off, Sherry is compassionate toward her customers, staff and community. 

My family looks nowhere else for its fitness needs.
Liz E.
Upper St. Clair

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